Family Tree Maker Download on New Computer

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Download Family Tree Maker to New Computer/PC

Download family tree maker 2019 software.In this blog, you will learn how to download family tree maker 2019 on a new computer. You will learn the step by step process for family tree maker download. Here we have simplified the process into simple steps that you need to follow. They are: 

Open Mackiev Website

The first step will be to open Mackiev website. After opening the website, you need to click on the buy option now. Now you will see the “select the right store for where you live” option. You need to select the country. After selecting the country you will see a new page where you can see Mackiev products. Simply click on the family tree maker.


Choose the Family Tree Maker Download File

Now, you will see three options on your screen as follows:

Family Tree Maker Download: In this option you will only get the FTM file.

Family tree maker Download + DVD: – In this option users will get a DVD + family tree maker file. 

Family tree maker Download + USB: – If you want to have a USB + family tree maker  file then you can select this option. 

Note: – The family tree maker download files will work on both Mac & Windows.

Family Pack Option

Now, users will see an option of a family pack which will cost $20. Through the family pack, you can use one ancestry tree on three computers. It’s an optional service that users can buy. If you want to buy it then click on it otherwise click on next.

Tree Vault

Now, you will see an option of TreeVault Cloud Service: – It’s a 7-month free service offered by Mackiev. Tree Vault helps a user to backup the data in the cloud servers. 

Now, click on next, you will see an option of family tree maker companion guide which will cost you $24. You can choose from the two options which are traditional and spiral. It is published for both MAC and Windows.

Now, you will see Bootstraps by Ken Hess book which tells about how family tree maker become the best Genealogy software of all time. It will cost you $19. Now, click on next.

You will see charting companion option which helps you in building a family chart. You will see two options on your screen. Download only which will cost you $29 and CD+ Download option which will cost you $39. Now, click next.

You will see a family book creator for Windows. If you want to make a detailed analysis of your tree on windows then you can buy the family book creator. You will see two options to buy the book as follows: – 

Family book creator download which will cost you $49

Family book creator CD+Download which will cost you $59

Now, click next,

Now, you will see a family tree maker big mug option. You will see two options on the screen as follows: – 

One big Mug for $12

4 Pack of Mug for $39.95

Family Tree Maker order

Now you will be redirected to the family tree maker order page. On the order page, you will see the order history. Click on the order now option.

Now, you will be redirected to the order form form where you have to fill your details like the first name, last name, phone no, email address, country, address, city, state, and zip code. You have to also choose the payment method. After filling all the details correctly click on the Next button.

Now, you will be redirected to the payment page where you have to make the order payment. After making the payment you will receive a family tree maker download link on the mail which you have added to the payment form.

Kindly follow the given steps to download family tree maker. Even if you are not able to download the family tree maker, you can contact us. We are a premium support service provider for family tree maker.

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  1. Given: There is a conflict in my tower PC where I can not access my PC files, including FTM. I am the origninal and registered owener of this FTM on this PC. My computer repair agent, that I have used before suspects that I may have two different anti-virus programs that are running in conflict. This could be true.
    Once I restore access to my older tower pc and FTM, I want to transfer my files to my Windows 10 HP laptop, upgrade my FTM on my newer laptop and backup to my external Slim 2-Tetrabit hard-drive.
    Q: When I regain access to the Tower pc FTM, I do not wish to upgrade the tower but retain existing files but upgrade my FTM for Windows 10 w/ back-up to my external hard-drive.
    When I am ready to do this, please advise how to and current cost for upgrade to current version of FTM on Windows 10 laptop w/backup to external hard-drive. —No hurray on response. Thank you, Ken Walker

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