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Print Family Tree Maker Charts in 2019


How to Print Family Tree Maker Charts & Reports in 2019 for MAC & Windows?

If you are a family tree maker user and want to print charts and reports then this article is for you. In this article, we have discussed the following topics: – 

How to change family tree maker printing options?

How to print a chart?

How to print a poster?

For printing the tree charts and reports, kindly follow the steps we are going to discuss. 

How to change family tree maker chart printing options?

For changing the FTM printing options, kindly follow the given steps: – 

1: Open the family tree maker software.

2: Now select the chart which you want to manage and open it.

3:Open the editor toolbar and select the page setup option and open it.

4: Select the size drop-down list, where users can change the size of the paper. Users need to select the size as per their requirement.

5: Click on the source drop-down list, choose the paper tray.

6: Now, users will see an orientation section with two options. They are: – 

Portrait: – If a user wants the document paper to be printed with short edges at the bottom, then select portrait mode. It is selected by default. 

Landscape: – If a user wants the document to print with long edges at the bottom then select landscape.

7: Margin Section: – In the margin section, the user can change to the margin size of the document.

8: Now Click ok and save the settings.

How to print a family tree maker chart?

In this section, we have discussed how to print a family tree maker chart. Here are the steps which a user needs to follow.

1: Open the report or chat which a user wants to print.

2: In the upper right corner, the user will see a print button. Click on it.

3: Now the print window will open.

4:Now you will see the print option. Select the number of copies which user need to print.

How to print a family tree maker poster?

In this section, we have discussed how to print a family tree maker poster. Here are the steps: – 

1:In the toolbar select the share button.

2: From share drop-down list select export to one-page pdf. Now, the pdf window will open.

3: Users can make the changes in the pdf window as per the need. Users are recommended to keep the image quality to the highest as the chart will be printed in the poster size.

4: Save the settings.

5: Users can now upload the chart to a flash drive or CD or hard drive. 

If users are facing problems in printing the family tree, users can contact us. We are a premium support service provider for family tree maker software.

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