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Does Family Tree Maker 2017 Sync With Ancestry?

Many users go through the problem of family tree maker sync with ancestry and they cannot connect their family tree maker to their ancestry account.

There are many reasons due to which family tree maker software is not connecting to their ancestry account like:-

  1. If you have changed your email ID or you are using a different email ID you can speak to your ancestry and ask them to update your email-id. Changing email id changes the access due to which sync problem arises.
  2.   The software needs to update, if the user is using the old version of the family tree maker then it may not work properly. If you are using the old version of the software then you need to upgrade to family tree maker 2019, which is the latest version of the software. Upgrade the software and then try to sync the family tree with ancestry.
  3. If you are using antivirus and it’s expired, it can cause a syncing problem. If your antivirus has expired then you need to renew your antivirus or remove the antivirus from your system. Expired antivirus can cause the sync problem of family tree maker 2017 sync with ancestry.

4. Make sure to check your internet speed. If you are working on a slow internet connection then you may find it difficult to sync family tree maker with ancestry. 

5. Firewalls can also block the sync process. Try to disable your antivirus and then sync your family tree with ancestry.

These are the tips that a user can follow to resolve sync problems with the family tree. 

Even if you are facing a problem in sync family tree maker to ancestry, you can contact us. We are a premium support service provider for family tree maker software. You can get in contact with our support team through call or chat. An expert technician will be assigned to you who will resolve the issue in real-time.

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