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Ancestry Family Tree Maker Software

Ancestry family tree maker is genealogy software for Windows and MAC which is a great way to connect generations. Ancestry family tree maker helps a user to keep records of their ancestors and to create reports and charts to store the information.

Family tree maker by Ancestry is a software that allows a user to build a family tree maker. Although Ancestry no longer supports family tree maker but still helps users to sync their family tree maker with Ancestry. The family tree maker software was developed by Ancestry and in 2016, the family tree maker was sold to Mackiev.


How to Upload Family Tree Maker files in Ancestry?

Here, you will learn how to upload family tree maker files in Ancestry. If you want to upload family tree maker files in Ancestry than you need to follow the given steps. They are – 

1: Select the file which you want to upload in Ancestry.

2: Open

3: Log in to your Ancestry account.

4: Now upload the FTM file in Ancestry

5: Ancestry will check the file and once uploaded notify the user.

If you face any problem in uploading FTM files through this method then you need to create a GEDCOM file from FTM and upload it to Ancestry.


How to Print Ancestry Family Tree Maker?

If you want to print the entire Ancestry family tree maker then follow the given steps. They are –

1: Log in to

2: From any page on Ancestry family tree maker, click on the tree tab and select the tree which you want to print. 

3: Now, you have to select the left side of the tree, you can select the format in which you want to print the tree. Select from family or pedigree view. 

4: Now, select the part of the tree you want to print

5: At the top right corner, you will have an option of “click print”.

6: Click print and then OK

By following the above-mentioned method, you can print the Ancestry family tree maker.

If you are facing any problem with Ancestry family tree maker then you can contact us. We are the premium support service provider for the Ancestry family tree maker.


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