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What is Family Tree Maker 2019? 

Family tree maker 2019 is an upgraded version of the software. The updated version of the software has many advanced features that help a user to decorate a family tree in a better and easy way. In this article, we have discussed how to upgrade and download the family tree maker 2019 software.

With the family tree maker 2019 upgrade, FTM 2019 users can now build trees more easily. For more information, you can contact us.

For existing users of FTM software, they need to upgrade the family tree maker software. For new users, they need to download the software.


Steps for Family Tree Maker 2019 Download?

Here, we have explained how to download, install, and upgrade the software.

Here are the steps which a user needs to follow to download the software.

Step 1: Open the FTM upgrade page on the Mackiev website.

Step 2: Form & Verification – You need to fill the details asked in the form. Click on the “Verify User” option.

Step 3: After getting the details verified, users will see a notification “ Thank you for purchasing FTM 2019 software”. User needs to click on the “Continue” option.

Step 4: Users will see three options on the screen as follows – 

Family tree maker Download – If you want to download the software then just click on the “download” option. A link will be sent to your mail-id registered with Mackiev.


Family tree maker Download +USB – Through this option, you can download the software plus will get a USB flash drive.

Family tree maker Download + DVD – You can download the family tree maker 2019 software plus can order a DVD.

User needs to choose one of the options as per requirement. Now, click on the “NEXT” option.

Step 5: You will see a web page that shows “family pack” option. By pressing the “Show Details” option you can read about the family pack. It is an optional service provided by Mackiev.

Step 6: You will be redirected to the “Gift Center page”. You can select the products as per requirement. Users can also add or remove products from the gift center.

Step 7: Click on the “Click Order” option.

Step 8: Fill the order information and press the “NEXT” option.

Step 9: Kindly recheck the order details before pressing the “Complete Order” option.

After completing the order, you will get a family tree maker 2019 download link on the mail. The software is compatible with MAC & Windows operating system. Users will also get the link to download FTM 2019 installer.

How to Download Family Tree Maker 2019?

After completing the family tree maker download order, you will get a link to download family tree maker 2019 software. They just need to click on the link and the family tree maker download will start automatically. The family tree maker download process will be completed in few minutes. Now, user will have the family tree maker download file on their computer.


Installing Family Tree Maker Software

After getting the FTM 2019 software file, you need to double click on the file. Follow the steps guided by the software. It will take a few minutes for installation. After the installation, you will see an icon on desktop “2019”. 

Click on the icon, now you can use family tree maker 2019 software.

Windows user will have the icon on the desktop by default, MAC users will have the icon on the desktop or in the application folder.


Family Tree Maker Features

Many advanced features are introduced in the new version. They are: – 

Family Tree Maker Browsing: – This feature in the software helps you in browsing the tree more easily than before. You can create, open and delete family trees through this feature.

Cropping Tool: – This feature uses artificial intelligence to detect a person’s face and crop it. Without affecting the original image this feature enhances the quality of the picture.

Color Coding: – With the enhanced color-coding feature, you can give rich color effects to your ancestors and descents.

Family Tree Maker on Smartphones & Tablets: – Now you can see their family tree on smartphones and tablets which gives you the authority to view your family tree anytime you like to.

Family Tree Maker Time Machine: – The rollback time feature is worth to upgrade. It allows you to roll back in time and modify the changes. 

For example, maybe the user realizes that some changes were made five days ago, but the last backup is 1 month old and you don’t want to do all the hard work again. Use the time machine feature to roll back in time just before the mistake was made with a single.

Family Search Integration: – Family search integration

allows you to access all the records hints just by searching a match in your tree and also allow to download a branch from the tree.

Tree Vault Cloud Services: – Tree Vault Cloud Store the family tree data online. In case, if you lost the data, the tree vault cloud act as a backup from where the user can download the latest copy of the tree. It’s a one-year free service for the family tree maker 2019 software users.

TreeVault Next of Kin Service – As a TreeVault subscriber you are authorized to choose a successor for your all information including credentials, tree vault, etc in the form of a will.

Sync progress report: – It shows the number of people who are in sync with your family tree. Now, you can see who is using the tree.

Sync Weather: – This feature in the family tree maker indicates the right time when you should connect the tree with ancestry.com.

Enhanced Performance: – You don’t have to wait for the tree to load. Now, with the smooth performance of the software, build your tree fast and easy.

Family Search Integration 2.0: – Previously, In FTM 2017 Family Search Integration only provides family tree hints. With FTM 2019 upgrade, Mackiev has introduced a new feature that allows users to access all the records hints just by searching a match in the tree. Users can now download a branch from the Family Search.

Hints in the Index: – Previously Ancestry hints only appear in Family Search. But now In FTM 2019, Ancestry and Family Search hints appear in the People index too.  

Smart Filters: – In FTM 2019, a new feature is introduced to create and save filtered lists. Now, users can create a filtered list by adding people if they match the given criteria.

Folder Counters: –Now folder tabs show the number of items stored in each folder.


 What is Family Pack in the Software?

Family pack in family tree maker 2019 software allows multiple users to use the same family tree. Earlier, users have to pay $20 for the same service. Now, Mackiev is giving the service for free.

Maureen’s Taylor’s E-book

Maureen’s Taylor E-book in family tree maker 2019 helps users to keep tree images safe. 


Problems in Family Tree Maker  upgrade

With the family tree maker 2019 upgrade, there are many problems that users are facing. We have received queries from users related to the software. They are: – 

White Label Error Page: – White label error page is an error in which the whole screen goes white.

Date & Time Error: – Users are also getting date & time errors in the software. This problem was not in the previous version of the software. Make sure that the time & date on your computer system are correct.

404 not found: – Suppose, a user in entering a piece of information and in return it shows “404 not found error“. This problem arises when the software is unable to fetch the given data.

Here are some tips which will help a user to resolve these problems. They are: – 

Clear Browsing History: – Try clearing the browsing history. 

Use another computer: – If the software does not work on the computer system then the user can change the computer system. Check if the computer system is compatible with the software requirements.

Antivirus: – Antiviruses do not allow access to some of the software due to security reasons. Try to disable the antivirus.

Family Tree Maker Mac & Windows Connection Problems

The upgraded version of family tree maker 2019 software has a connection issue with Mac & Windows operating system. Here, we have discussed how to resolve family tree maker Mac & Windows operating systems connection problems.

Here are the steps which FTM 2019 users need to follow: – 

Step 1: – Open the family tree maker software. If the software is already open then reopen it.

Step 2: – Users will see a notification that shows “ FTM 2019 Upgrade”. Simply click on it.

Step 3: – The software upgrade will start. Follow the instructions as per guided on the computer screen.

Step 4: – Users have to log in to their ancestry.com account.

Step 5: – The user tree is now connected with ancestry.

family tree maker internet problems Resolved

Check the browser settings first, make sure the browser allows the software to operate. Here are the settings which ftm 2019 users need to follow in Internet Explorer.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer

Step 2: Click on the “tools” option on the upper side of internet explorer.

Step 3: Select internet options.

Step 4: Select the security option.

Step 5: Click on the internet icon.

Step 6: Select the custom level option.

Step 7: Users will see a “reset option”. Select it and change the level to “medium” from “medium-high”.

Step 8: Save the settings. It will ask to verify the settings, press yes.

Step 9: Disable the antivirus. 

Family Tree Maker 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have answered queries that a family tree maker software users have. They are: – 

When is Family Tree Maker 2019 Release Date?

  On 22nd September 2019, Mackiev has announced the update. It will be available in the summer of 2019.

Is Family Tree Maker Upgrade Necessary?

As we have mentioned, Mackiev has announced the software update. FTM does not allow sync of FTM 2014 and older versions. To sync family tree maker with Ancestry you need to upgrade the software.

Can User Sign up for Beta Testing?

Yes, users of the FTM 2019 software are entitled to beta testing. Users need to contact Mackiev for the signup form. Mackiev will send the beta version of the FTM 2019 software.

Do I have to pay for the family tree maker upgrade?

Yes, users have to pay for the family tree maker software upgrade. You can also use 30 days free trial of the software.

How much does the software upgrade cost?

The total cost of the software depends upon the additional services which you buy along with the software.

Is there a discount for existing customers of family tree maker?

Yes, existing users of family tree maker can buy the software at a discount. For the discount, the user must be registered with Ancestry.com.

Do users of FTM 2019 can also use a feature of a different language?

The developers are working on the possibilities to make the software in a different language. You will be notified when any such update is released.

How do I print my Family Tree Maker?

If you want to print a family tree, there are two options through which a family tree can be printed. The printing pattern of both options is different. 

Pedigree View: – In the pedigree view, you can print the people who are present to date horizontally, younger people on the left and ancestors on the right.

Family View: – In the family view, ancestors are placed on the top, present people on the tree will be shown vertically with younger people on the bottom.

Steps for printing the tree

Here are the steps to print the tree. You cannot print the whole tree at once, you need to print different – different sections of the tree. 

How to recover family tree maker files? 

Family tree maker allows you to take the full backup of the software. In case, if the computer system or hard drive crash, you can take a backup of the tree. For more information, you can read this article on “how to take family tree maker backup?”

How to rename a tree?

Step 1: Open the software.

Step 2: Select “new tree” from the work-space area.

Step 3: In the left lower corner user will see “open a tree” option. Users need to select the tree which needs to be renamed.

Step 4: Click on the “options” button. Click on the “rename tree” in the drop-down menu bar.

Step 5: Rename the tree and fill the required fields.

Step 6: Now, users will see the new name of the tree.

How to use Family tree maker on multiple computers?

For using multiple devices, there are two options through which a user can use family tree on multiple computers. They are: –

The first option is to get multiple licenses so that it can be used on multiple systems.

The second option is to buy a family pack. It allows multiple users to use the family tree maker. It cost $20. 

There are benefits of the family pack. They are: – 

Users can use the family pack in windows and Mac operating systems at the same time.

It can be used on three computers at the same time.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Support 

Family tree maker software users can get support free from Mackiev. Users can talk with a live technician over chat. For family tree maker support, users can contact us. We provide support over chat and call.

If you need a technician to fix things for you, you can contact us. We are premium support service provider for family tree maker 2019.

Disclaimer: – We are not Mackiev. We don’t have any kind of relation with Mackiev, Ancestry or any other brand. We are a third-party support service provider for family tree maker 2019. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, products or services is for reference purpose. We provide family tree maker 2019 remote support over call and chat.0

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