Getting a Replacement Download for family Tree Maker 2019

We have received queries related to replacement for family tree maker 2019 download. If you have accidentally deleted the downloaded copy of family tree maker 2019 and is looking for the solution to get back the copy of ftm 2019 download.


If you are looking for an accurate solution to download ftm 2019 again. We have listed some steps which will help you: – 

Search For FTM 2019 Download link


If you have accidentally deleted the ftm 2019 downloaded file and want to get the software back quickly then search for the family tree maker 2019 download link sent by Mackiev. Make sure to use the original ftm 2019 download link. In any case, if the link does not work properly then you can contact live chat, which will help you in resetting the link. Live chat is available 24/7 which helps you in real-time.

Contact family tree maker upgrade center


If you have purchased the software and accidentally deleted the copy of the software then we recommend you contact the update center. Through the email address which you used to purchase you can download the copy.

Chat with a live technician


We hope the above-given methods will work for you. In any case if the above-mentioned steps didn’t work for you or any issue arises then you can chat with a live technician. They will help you in downloading family tree maker 2019.

How new users can buy and download FTM 2019 Software?


If you are a new user of family tree maker 2019 then you need to download the software from Mackiev website. 


In this section, we have explained how to buy and download family tree maker 2019.

The first step will be to open the family tree maker upgrade page.

  1. Form & verification: Fill the details and then click on the “VERIFY USER” button.
  2. On getting the details verified, users will see a notification on the page “THANKYOU FOR THE PURCHASE”. User needs to press on “CONTINUE”. Now, the user will get three options on the web page. They are: – .

1- DOWNLOAD family tree maker 2019

2 — DVD+ DOWNLOAD family tree maker 2019

3 — USB+ DOWNLOAD family tree maker 2019

Users already have an option to download and it’s up to users if they wish to add up DVD or USB also. After selecting the preferred option, the user needs to press the “NEXT” button.

  1. On to the following page, users will get an option of a family Pack license. Just press the “SHOW DETAILS” option to read details regarding the Family Pack license.
  3. Following the 3rd step, the user will be guided to the “Gift Center” web page. Users are authorized to choose over the offers and add them to their orders. Press the” NEXT” button leading to the gift center, just press the” ORDER NOW” button.
  5. Now, users just need to fill up order information on the following web page, and press “NEXT”.
  6. Positively recheck before pressing the “COMPLETE ORDER” button on the web page, after filling order details. After the completion of the order of ftm 2019 download link will be sent to users email. The link will work on MAC as well as on windows.

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